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Half Of Drivers Want Dash Cam In Their Car

Over the last few years, more and more drivers have been investing in dashboard cameras that record video footage of the road that nearly half of all motorists would now be happy to have one installed in their vehicle.

According to the latest findings from GoCompare Car Insurance, 48 per cent of drivers who took part in a survey said they would gladly have a dash cam, with just eight per cent refusing to install the recording device, reported Your Money.

The research also found that a quarter of people think they should be compulsory in all cars, while a third believe new vehicles should have them as a standard fixture.

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Third Of Drivers Lie About Traffic Making Them Late

Traffic is often the reason for people turning up late to work or social events. However, road congestion is not always at fault, with more than half of drivers admitting they lie about why they have not turned up on time.

The recent AA-Populus poll of over 20,500 motorists revealed many use their car as an excuse for their tardiness to avoid taking responsibility for being late themselves.

According to the findings, almost a third (32 per cent) have blamed fake traffic queues in the past; ten per cent tell their employers or friends it was a road closure or diversion that made them late; nine per cent claim their car would not start; and six per cent accuse a false flat tyre.

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London – The Place To Go For Supercar Spotting!

Based in the capital and already looking for mobile car valeting in London? Then keep your eyes peeled as you make your way around and about, as it’s just been revealed that the Big Smoke is in fact the best place in the entire world to go to see a supercar or two.

Experience gift company Activity Superstore analysed Instagram data and found that our fair city has more flash cars on its streets than the likes of Moscow, Los Angeles and New York, the London Evening Standard reports. Apparently, out of the 148.1 million photos of supercars shared online in the last three years, 6.1 million were snapped in London.

So, if you want to do something different this weekend and see how many supercars you can spot – just where exactly should you go? Knightsbridge was found to be the biggest supercar hotspot, so make your way to Sloane Street, The Park Tower Hotel and Harrods if you want to see a few luxury cars.

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Petrol And Diesel Cars Could Be Banned In 14 Yrs

Car owners have been told that they will be using electric vehicles (EVs) sooner than they think, as petrol and diesel motors could be banned as soon as 2032.

A report by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has recommended the government target all new cars to be zero emission within the next 14 years.

This is to help Britain achieve its intentions for zero emission cars by 2040, which are too “ambitious” without this strategy in place.

MP Rachel Reeves, chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, said electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular.

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Should Automated Driving Be Part Of The Driving Test?

The vehicles we drive every day are constantly evolving. But the latest wave of new technology heading our way is likely to have more of an impact on how we drive and use the roads than any other technology has in recent years.

We’re talking about the concept of ‘driverless’ cars. Although they’re currently referred to as driverless vehicles, this won’t strictly be true. These cars are utilising automated driving technology.

Fleet News recently highlighted recommendations from Bosch, which wants the UK government to undertake a series of initiatives to help boost driver acceptance of automated vehicles, as well as to help people understand what it means.

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Wholesale Petrol Slump Could Spark Pump Price Battle

The wholesale price of petrol has fallen this month, following 12 weeks of rising costs at fuel stations. Therefore, this could spark a price battle between leading supermarkets to make sure they do not lose out as drivers search for the cheapest options for their petrol.

According to The AA, the average price of petrol has risen by 1.8p a litre and diesel has gone up 2p a litre over the last month. This is despite wholesale petrol costs plummeting by 3p a litre, falling from early September.

Supermarkets remain the cheapest place to refuel cars, with many averaging 128.1p a litre for petrol, compared with 132.7p at other retailers. However, this still does not reflect the slump at a wholesale level, with motorists feeling the pinch of rising fuel costs.

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Time To Update Your Range Rover’s Infotainment System?

If you’re lucky enough to own a classic Range Rover model, you’re probably hoping to hang on to your motor for many years to come. But even if you’ve got the kudos of driving a classic around, you may still want to have the mod-cons.

Now Jaguar Land Rover has announced the release of a new infotainment system designed specially for classic Range Rover models.

The idea is that you can have all the latest technology without spoiling the classic aesthetic of your vehicle. As well as its two models designed for Range Rovers, the firm has also released two infotainment systems for classic Jaguars, and one unbranded option.

These aren’t the cheapest things to buy, but they will give you customisable Sat Nav, bluetooth, smartphone integration, as well as DAB and FM radio, Cars UK reported.

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Jesse Lingard Loves His Custom Cars

We all know that footballers can have extravagant tastes, and one Manchester United player has shown his love of custom cars.

The Sun revealed that Jesse Lingard has a fleet of four cars, all of which have been customised to suit his style.

His trademark when it comes to vehicles is a matte black finish with red trim, which is certainly recognisable when he’s driving around the streets of Manchester.

You can use vehicle wrapping in London to give your motor a similarly customised look if you want to really stand out on the roads.

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Driverless Cars Take To London Streets To Gather Data

Car technology has stepped up a gear after driverless cars have been allowed to take to the streets of London to gather data ahead of a possible trial.

FiveAI, an artificial intelligence vehicle firm, is to design a shared autonomous service that will enable commuters who drive some or all of their journey to work to use this instead, reported.

Its vehicles will spend ten months on London’s roads garnering data such as the behaviour of road users – including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists – to help the company understand more about road layout, traffic flow and topology.

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How To Give Your Car A Luxury Makeover

Whatever kind of car you have, there are ways of sprucing it up to make it into a more luxurious ride. Many people focus on the exterior and the appearance of a vehicle, but given that you spend much more time inside than admiring the outside, it’s well worth looking at what you can do to bring that luxury feel inside too.

So, where do you start with this kind of makeover? According to Chemical & Engineering News, which is the weekly publication for the American Chemical Society, there’s one material you need to start with: synthetic suede.

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Most people probably don’t realise how much time they will spend driving around in their vehicle. However, it’s easy to buy a used car - or even a new one - and not care about adding a personalised touch to its design. Whether you’re travelling to London or Essex, car wrapping is the best way of bringing that custom-designed car from your favourite video game to life.

Of course, gaming is one of the best ways to flex those creative muscles, so here are three titles that will help you lay the foundation for your car’s final design.

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Nearly Half Of Brits Have Accepted Lifts From Drunk Drivers

Many drivers are most concerned about making sure their vehicle looks its finest, getting the best hydro dripping in London so their motor stands out in a crowd.

However, something they may also want to prioritise is their safety and should not step into a car that is being driven by a drunk driver.

It sounds obvious but recent findings have shown that 42 per cent of Brits have accepted a lift from someone who has been drinking, amounting to nearly 22 million people in the UK.

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4 Reasons Prom Students Should Hire A Bentley Chauffeur

When you’re leaving secondary school for the last time, you’re probably excited about going to prom. Most students will feel the same way across the country, but there’s a more important question to deal with: what’s the best way of travelling to and from prom? Whether you’re in Birmingham or London, hire a Bentley chauffeur to make the occasion even more special.

Here are four reasons why it should be your only choice of vehicle.

additional time and resources to sprucing up your current ride.

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How Car Wrapping Can Save Investment On A New Car

When you buy a car, you’re looking for something that matches your style. Of course, you’re also buying something for its longevity, meaning that you’re going to become invested in every part of your new purchase. If you regularly commute into London, car wrapping will help you keep your car in good condition for a much longer period.

Most people are likely to upgrade their car based purely on a new design arriving on the market. Instead of treating your car like an iPhone and shedding out more money on a new model, it’s much better value to put additional time and resources to sprucing up your current ride.

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Used Car Market Growing In Strength

The used car market in the UK is at its strongest level in six years, new figures from cap hpi have revealed.

Motor Trader reported on the trend, with the data showing that used car values climbed by 1.2 per cent on average since the beginning of this year. This is compared to a 0.7 per cent fall in 2017.

Derren Martin, head of current valuations at cap hpi, told the news provider that an increase in value at this time of year isn’t unusual, but that the size of this increase is what’s got people’s attention this year.

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What Can We Expect From The Internet Of Vehicles?

We’ve only really just started getting used to the Internet of Things, with the likes of Amazon Echo, HomePods, Alexa and Google Home Mini revolutionising the way in which we lead our lives. And now we’ve got the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) to come – which could soon change the way in which we drive our cars as well.

Self-driving cars will surely be commonplace on our roads in a few short years’ time so how they’re going to communicate with other vehicles out and about is a pressing concern right now. Bdaily News has taken the time to speak to numerous experts out there to find out about the kind of technology we can expect to see and what impact this is likely to have.

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'Best-looking' UK Car Brand Revealed?

Given our reputation for providing car detailing in London and beyond, it's fair to say we know a bit about what makes a good-looking car. But what is the best-looking car in the UK market? The CarBuyer website thinks it knows the answer after running a public poll, but the results they’ve turned up might just surprise you.

The UK’s best-looking car, according to over 1,000 people, is.. a Volvo. Beating out likely contenders such as Audi, Mercedes and Land Rover, voters focused on Volvo models such as the XC60 for “cool, elegant lines” and the XC40, reports Car Keys. Given that they respectively won World Car of the Year and European Car of the Year, perhaps it’s not such a surprise that they ranked so highly.

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Do You Know What’s In Your Trunk?

When you buy a new car, do you check the size of the spare wheel, or are you more concerned with organising vehicle wrapping in Essex to make sure your new motor looks the part?

Although your car’s appearance is obviously important, so too is the kind of spare you have in the boot. Research conducted by What Car? and shared by the RAC earlier this month revealed that just eight per cent of new cars sold in the UK have a full-sized spare wheel in their boot.

If that’s got you wondering what’s there instead, then you’ll find that 55 per cent of new vehicles are equipped with a puncture repair kit, while 30 per cent have a slimmer, space-saver spare wheel that’s only suitable for use at low speeds.

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What Does The Future Hold For Car Interiors?

When you buy a new car it can be easy to focus on its external appearance - the shape of the body, the colour, the overall style. But when you come to think about it, you spend the majority of your time inside that car, so the interior should be equally as important to you.

Car interior trends are changing and evolving all the time to suit our tastes, but also to keep pace with developments in the automotive sector, not to mention changes in public opinion.

In a recent interview with Robb Report, design director at Bentley Stefan Sielaff suggested that we could see more and more car manufacturers turning to vegan options for their interiors.

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How Often Do You Clean Your Car?

Many drivers in the UK are not cleaning their cars frequently enough, new research has revealed.

Motorpoint carried out an inspection of what was described as a ‘typical’ car - one where the driver regularly ate or drank in their vehicle and where the owner had a pet - to find out where the greatest buildup of bacteria is.

The findings showed that the boot, the driver’s footwell, seatbelt buttons and handbrakes were where bacteria is most likely to thrive in a car.

As well as examining the interior of a vehicle to identify the dirtiest spots, the organisation also surveyed drivers about their car cleaning habits - and there’s a clear need for more people to take advantage of mobile car valeting in London or wherever they live.

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Are You Allowed To Drive In Flip Flops?

With warmer weather hitting the UK this week, you’re probably keen to get out and about in your wheels to show off the car wrapping you've had done in Essex. But before you jump in your car and hit the roads, have you thought about what you’re wearing on your feet?

The question of whether you are allowed to drive in flip flops or barefoot seems to crop up every summer in the UK, so a number of news providers have done some digging to find out what the rules actually are.

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Car Thieves 'Need Harsher Punishments'

Anyone who loves their wheels will be heartbroken if anything ever happened to them, which is why thieves should receive harsher punishments.

This is according to Churchill Car Insurance, noting that the punishment for car thefts is not enough of a deterrent.

It revealed out of the 7,405 prosecutions for vehicle theft in England and Wales between 2012 and 2016, only 20 per cent of thieves received a custodial sentence. The average length of time handed out was 21 months, and those who did not go to prison were typically fined £198.

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Most Common Reasons For Driving Fines

Mobile car valeting in London will ensure your car is looking as good as possible, but it won’t protect you against fines.

Data revealed by the RAC after carrying out a freedom of information act request to councils to find out how much they collected in fines last year.

It found that over one million fines were issued between 2015 and 2017, meaning over £200 million had been shelled out by motorists to councils.

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Car Fans Go Crazy For World’s First Driving Assault Course

If you’re thinking of having your car customised, one of the quickest and biggest wins you can achieve is swapping the material used in the interior. But how to decide whether you like cloth or want to swap it out for luxury leather?

Cloth vs Leather – Which Is Right For Your Car Interior?

If you’re thinking of having your car customised, one of the quickest and biggest wins you can achieve is swapping the material used in the interior. But how to decide whether you like cloth or want to swap it out for luxury leather?