Mobile car valeting in London will ensure your car is looking as good as possible, but it won’t protect you against fines.

Data revealed by the RAC after carrying out a freedom of information act request to councils to find out how much they collected in fines last year.

It found that over one million fines were issued between 2015 and 2017, meaning over £200 million had been shelled out by motorists to councils.

It found that many of the fines were for potentially simple slip-ups, such as driving in a bus lane. In response to this the RAC has called for the Government to invest in clearer signage.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams told The Mirror: "Bus lanes have a vital role to play in ensuring the reliability of public transport as they help to keep our urban areas moving.

"But the sheer quantity of fines – more than a million every year – suggests something is awry and we don’t believe the vast majority are knowingly breaking the rules.”

The number of fines that were issued between 2015 and 2017 for drivers driving in bus lanes represents a stark increase.

Despite no increase in the number of bus lanes or cameras in Croydon, the total number of fines they issued increased 787 per cent during that period.

Manchester issued the highest number of fines in total, with Manchester City Council issuing 352,688 fines between 2015-2017 and 172,311 in 2017 alone. This means it increased 152 per cent over the two-year period.