Given our reputation for providing car detailing in London and beyond, it's fair to say we know a bit about what makes a good-looking car. But what is the best-looking car in the UK market? The CarBuyer website thinks it knows the answer after running a public poll, but the results they’ve turned up might just surprise you.

The UK’s best-looking car, according to over 1,000 people, is.. a Volvo. Beating out likely contenders such as Audi, Mercedes and Land Rover, voters focused on Volvo models such as the XC60 for “cool, elegant lines” and the XC40, reports Car Keys. Given that they respectively won World Car of the Year and European Car of the Year, perhaps it’s not such a surprise that they ranked so highly.

Jon Wakefield, Volvo Car UK managing director, said: "People's first impressions about the quality of a car will always be based on how they look, so it is great to see how our new designs are creating such a positive buzz.”

The XC60 also won an Autotrader award for the best car launched in the past year.

The reason why this car is picking up accolades must be its blend between style and quality in tandem with its price and practicality, but time and time again in reviews, drivers are focusing on this car’s good looks over all else.

If the custom car look is more up your street, it would be easy to envisage how to approach streamlining the design through wrapping and detailing certain elements. Take to the internet to pick up some inspiration or talk to our experts on they’d approach this car.