If you’re lucky enough to own a classic Range Rover model, you’re probably hoping to hang on to your motor for many years to come. But even if you’ve got the kudos of driving a classic around, you may still want to have the mod-cons.

Now Jaguar Land Rover has announced the release of a new infotainment system designed specially for classic Range Rover models.

The idea is that you can have all the latest technology without spoiling the classic aesthetic of your vehicle. As well as its two models designed for Range Rovers, the firm has also released two infotainment systems for classic Jaguars, and one unbranded option.

These aren’t the cheapest things to buy, but they will give you customisable Sat Nav, bluetooth, smartphone integration, as well as DAB and FM radio, Cars UK reported.

Dials and knobs ensure that these new infotainment systems still look the part when fitted into your classic car, and although they also have a 3.5 inch touchscreen in the centre, the physical controls ensure they don’t look overly high-tech (even though that’s exactly what they are).

The price tag on these new infotainment systems is £1,200, before the cost of fitting them to your motor. If you’re going to splash out and upgrade this part of your classic Range Rover, why not also look into getting new Range Rover leather interiors to make sure every element of it looks the part?

There are a number of famous faces who can be seen behind the wheel of Range Rover models. We recently pointed out that footballer Jesse Lingard is among them, and he loves to customise all of the cars in his collection with a matte black finish and red trim.