Based in the capital and already looking for mobile car valeting in London? Then keep your eyes peeled as you make your way around and about, as it’s just been revealed that the Big Smoke is in fact the best place in the entire world to go to see a supercar or two.

Experience gift company Activity Superstore analysed Instagram data and found that our fair city has more flash cars on its streets than the likes of Moscow, Los Angeles and New York, the London Evening Standard reports. Apparently, out of the 148.1 million photos of supercars shared online in the last three years, 6.1 million were snapped in London.

So, if you want to do something different this weekend and see how many supercars you can spot – just where exactly should you go? Knightsbridge was found to be the biggest supercar hotspot, so make your way to Sloane Street, The Park Tower Hotel and Harrods if you want to see a few luxury cars.

Beyond that, you’re also likely to see some motors in Belgravia and Lowndes Square, or outside Mayfair’s Dorchester Hotel. And keep your eyes well and truly peeled for a Ferrari or two, as this is apparently the most popular of all the supercars to be posted on Instagram – with nearly 59 million uploads since 2015.

Activity Superstore’s Matt Davis was quoted by the news source as saying: “We’re living in an era of supercar showmanship. Where millionaires, and billionaires, use their exotic automotive finery to wow an audience of admirers. “It obviously works because in just the last three years, a huge 148 million supercars have been Instagrammed.”

Although London may well be the supercar capital of the world, you may want to travel elsewhere depending on the kind of car you want to spot. If Aston Martins are your bag, then London, Istanbul and Los Angeles are the places to go, but if you’d rather spot a Bentley, make your way to Moscow or Dubai, as well as London.

We’ve also just found out here at The Only Way is Custom that wealthy tourists heading to London and looking to hire out a supercar to help them traverse their way around the city are particularly taken with the Ferrari.

Luxury hire fleet company Vroomerz recently published research showing that the Ferrari California T (which can be hired out for an impressive £877 a day) – although an entry level car – is still the most searched for luxury hire model in London, according to Motoring Research.

Other cars that prove popular for jetsetting tourists include the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, the Porsche 718 and the Porsche 911… all food for thought for you all planning your next trip to our neck of the woods. We expect to see you cruising around in your Porsche 718 any day now.