When you buy a car, you’re looking for something that matches your style. Of course, you’re also buying something for its longevity, meaning that you’re going to become invested in every part of your new purchase. If you regularly commute into London, car wrapping will help you keep your car in good condition for a much longer period.

Most people are likely to upgrade their car based purely on a new design arriving on the market. Instead of treating your car like an iPhone and shedding out more money on a new model, it’s much better value to put additional time and resources to sprucing up your current ride.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the demand for new cars dropped by 3.5 per cent in June. If you’re into customised cars, you won’t swap out your ride for the sake of it. There must be an important reason to make the change.

Mike Hawes, chief executive at SMMT, commented: “Despite a rocky first six months for the new car market, it’s great to see demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles continue to rise.”

City AM reports that there could be a dramatic rise in the production of electric and hybrid cars, with plans in motion for a significant reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. It is believed that at “least half and as many as 70 per cent” of cars will be affected by the change.

You might not be surprised to hear about the upcoming shift in the automobile industry. The change won’t stop people from buying new cars, but why not spend the extra time customising and personalising your car to give it an identity? You’ll know someone who likes to give their vehicle a name - there are people out there - so customising it is only the next step forward.

You know the minute that you purchase a vehicle and drive it out of the car dealer, it’s hit with a significant drop in its value. In fact, it builds even more of a case for you to design a car to suit you. You should take the time to invest in a design that is tailormade for the interior and exterior of your car. After all, it might increase its appeal to someone else should you look to sell it on.

You could have your car wrapped with a design that has a personal meaning or message that you want people to see. For your interior, you could have this hydro dripped to make your car stand out from the thousands of models that are already out there on the street.

Considering the change that could take place in the automobile industry over the next two decades or so, you won’t have to be worried about your car’s value dropping over the next five to ten years. Everyone will be in the same boat if electric and hybrid cars take off, meaning that there should be no hesitation to take advantage of getting a wrapped car.