We all know that footballers can have extravagant tastes, and one Manchester United player has shown his love of custom cars.

The Sun revealed that Jesse Lingard has a fleet of four cars, all of which have been customised to suit his style.

His trademark when it comes to vehicles is a matte black finish with red trim, which is certainly recognisable when he’s driving around the streets of Manchester.

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The newspaper revealed that Lingard even stopped one of his cars to join in a game of football with some kids on his old estate recently - something that certainly made the young fans’ day.

So, what cars does he have in his garage? His collection, which is worth an estimated £600,000, includes a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe, a Range Rover Sport SVR, a Bentley Bentayga and a Bentley Continental GT.

The news provider also revealed that the football star has changed up the look of some of his vehicles since buying them initially.

For example, his Bentley Continental previously had a chrome wrap, but he swapped this for what’s become his signature matte black with the red detailing this year.

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