Traffic is often the reason for people turning up late to work or social events. However, road congestion is not always at fault, with more than half of drivers admitting they lie about why they have not turned up on time.

The recent AA-Populus poll of over 20,500 motorists revealed many use their car as an excuse for their tardiness to avoid taking responsibility for being late themselves.

According to the findings, almost a third (32 per cent) have blamed fake traffic queues in the past; ten per cent tell their employers or friends it was a road closure or diversion that made them late; nine per cent claim their car would not start; and six per cent accuse a false flat tyre.

AA President Edmund King said: “Heavy traffic and road works are such common features on our roads, it’s no surprise these are used as the most believable excuses for running late.”

He went on to say that road issues are more likely to get the blame than other common problems, such as childcare arrangements, illnesses or even sleeping through alarms.

Those living in London are most likely to lie about the reason they are late, with 57 per cent accusing something else for their tardy behaviour.

However, the worst liars are young people, with nearly three-quarters of those aged between 18 and 24 telling a fib to excuse their lateness.

Londoners might decide to ditch their car in the future and travel in a driverless motor instead, after FiveAI revealed its plans to launch an autonomous service to encourage commuters in the capital to share their journey to work, reported recently.

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