Car technology has stepped up a gear after driverless cars have been allowed to take to the streets of London to gather data ahead of a possible trial.

FiveAI, an artificial intelligence vehicle firm, is to design a shared autonomous service that will enable commuters who drive some or all of their journey to work to use this instead, reported.

Its vehicles will spend ten months on London’s roads garnering data such as the behaviour of road users – including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists – to help the company understand more about road layout, traffic flow and topology.

“As with any vehicle on the road, safety is paramount and that’s why all of our vehicles will be driven by fully trained safety drivers,” co-founder of FiveAI Ben Peters said.

He added that when operational, the autonomous cars will actually be “many times safer than human drivers”.

In addition to this, he believes the car service will reduce congestion in the capital, helping to cut emissions, incident numbers, and journey times.

FiveAI has been part of a group given a grant of £12.8 million from the government, to be put towards the development of an autonomous car system.

This StreetWise project, which totals £23 million, will test driverless vehicles in London over the next couple of years, with the intention to create a “personal mobility service” in the capital. As well as FiveAI, Oxford University, Transport for London, Transport Research Laboratory and Direct Line are part of the StreetWise initiative.

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