Many drivers in the UK are not cleaning their cars frequently enough, new research has revealed.

Motorpoint carried out an inspection of what was described as a ‘typical’ car - one where the driver regularly ate or drank in their vehicle and where the owner had a pet - to find out where the greatest buildup of bacteria is.

The findings showed that the boot, the driver’s footwell, seatbelt buttons and handbrakes were where bacteria is most likely to thrive in a car.

As well as examining the interior of a vehicle to identify the dirtiest spots, the organisation also surveyed drivers about their car cleaning habits - and there’s a clear need for more people to take advantage of mobile car valeting in London or wherever they live.

On average, Brits clean the inside of their car 9.6 times per year, which works out at around once every five weeks. However, nine per cent admitted that they cleaned their car’s interior just twice a year or less, and a further 18 per cent said that they do this three times a year or less often.

Head of marketing at Motorpoint Alison Weatherley said that the results show that many drivers need to clean their cars "a little more than we currently think is acceptable".

"Many drivers eat or drink in their vehicle, as well as chauffeuring young children or pets, and these can also have an impact on the dirtiness of our cars," she added.

Even if you can’t afford to pay for car valeting every few weeks, you may want to do so every few months to give your vehicle a thorough clean. In between, you could take some of the advice from the Metro, such as by making sure you prewash the exterior of your car whenever you’re cleaning it and picking your cleaning products based on your vehicle’s use.