When you’re leaving secondary school for the last time, you’re probably excited about going to prom. Most students will feel the same way across the country, but there’s a more important question to deal with: what’s the best way of travelling to and from prom? Whether you’re in Birmingham or London, hire a Bentley chauffeur to make the occasion even more special.

Here are four reasons why it should be your only choice of vehicle.

Avoid the coach

Let’s face it: not everyone wants to arrive on a coach with all the other students. There’s going to be a lot of noise during the journey and you’ll all be cramped up together. If you have your own car for the trip, you can avoid getting an early headache at the prom.

Spend time with close friends

It’s going to be the last occasion where you spend time with your closest friends at a secondary school event, so why not rent out a stylish car and enjoy a memorable experience?

King and queen of prom

You and your partner might be looking to take home the best couple or the king and queen award at prom. So, why not make a statement by turning up in an awesome-looking vehicle?

Being in your dream car

According to a survey by OnePoll (via the Independent), it found that most people expect to own their dream car by the time they reach the age of 42. That’s a long way off, so getting to sit in a Bentley now will give you an early feeling of being in your dream ride.