With warmer weather hitting the UK this week, you’re probably keen to get out and about in your wheels to show off the car wrapping you've had done in Essex. But before you jump in your car and hit the roads, have you thought about what you’re wearing on your feet?

The question of whether you are allowed to drive in flip flops or barefoot seems to crop up every summer in the UK, so a number of news providers have done some digging to find out what the rules actually are.

Essex Live revealed that the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) advice is to wear "suitable shoes" when you’re behind the wheel. As that's not overly descriptive, the news provider took a look at the advice issued by the RAC.

The motoring organisation recommends shoes with soles no thicker than 10mm that aren’t too soft. They need to provide enough grip to prevent your foot from slipping off the pedals, as well as being narrow enough that you can’t accidentally press two pedals at once.

You also shouldn’t wear shoes that restrict your ankle movement or that are too heavy. Driving in flip flops, therefore, isn’t illegal. When it comes to bare feet though, the DSA doesn’t recommend it, noting that "you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do with shoes on".

Insure the Box noted that high heels and platform shoes are another thing you should avoid wearing on your feet when you get behind the wheel, because they can make it difficult to properly depress the pedals and feel the level of pressure you’re applying.