Over the last few years, more and more drivers have been investing in dashboard cameras that record video footage of the road that nearly half of all motorists would now be happy to have one installed in their vehicle.

According to the latest findings from GoCompare Car Insurance, 48 per cent of drivers who took part in a survey said they would gladly have a dash cam, with just eight per cent refusing to install the recording device, reported Your Money.

The research also found that a quarter of people think they should be compulsory in all cars, while a third believe new vehicles should have them as a standard fixture.

Matt Oliver, spokesman for the comparison site, said: “Dashboard cameras give a driver’s eye view of the road ahead, the footage they record can be valuable to insurers, police and the courts as evidence following an accident.”

He also noted that many dash cams also record speed and location using GPS, which is helping insurers to be able to offer discounts to drivers who have them.

As they provide evidence of an incident they “speed up claims and deliver a fair outcome”, benefitting both the insurance provider and the policyholder.

It could also help motorists to protect their no-claims bonus if it can prove they are not at fault during an incident.

An increasing number of Brits are seeing the advantage of using dash cams, with the Co-op Insurance revealing claims involving dash cam footage doubled in the 12 months leading to August 2018.

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