If you love driving and you like nothing better than whizzing along in your custom-designed vehicle, you are bound to be pleased to hear the UK will be the home of the world’s first assault course for drivers.

Green Flag has announced the Mud & Motors event will launch on March 26th, and will see motorists make their way around the mud-filled course in Bedfordshire.

Points will be given to those who make good, quick decisions, using their common sense, and the winning prize will be £1,000 in cash.

Head of marketing and communications at the insurance provider Candace Gerlach said: “We thought it would be interesting to test drivers’ common sense with the launch of Mud & Motors – the world’s first motoring event where drivers have to use common sense to win points and prizes.”

Love Island star Chris Hughes will be at the launch of the event later this month, ready to display his skills on the track and show off his common sense to overcome the challenges and obstacles along the course.

Those who can outsmart the celebrity have a chance of winning the cash prize.

The fun-filled spectacle will take place on the 4x4 off-road course at Devils Pit at Barton-Le-Clay. Here, you will find more than 60 acres of challenging terrain.

Even if you do not fancy taking part, you can come and watch. This may be the best option if you have just had booked in for car wrapping in London and do not want to get your vehicle too dirty or damaged.